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fluxamasynth with Arduino Uno and MocoLUFA

Monday January 9th, 2012 morecat_lab Comments off

Fluxamasynth Shield is a MIDI based programmable synthesizer for Arduino designed by Modern Device. With fluxamasynth Shield, it is easy to build  unique instruments with sensors.

The Fluxamasynth make use of  Atmel’s ATSAM2195 single-chip MIDI sound system.

As it is hard to obtain ATSAM2195 chip, and to handle QFP chip, I ordered one on the last Christmas.

fluxamasynth board

fluxamasynth board

ATSAM2195 can handle MIDI-based signal from both serial and parallel interface. Only with serial MIDI interface, such as a photo coupler, the shield can be a General MIDI device.

I tried sample programs posted at modernWiki.

fluxamasynth with arduino sketch

fluxamasynth with arduino sketch

In order to use fluxamasynthe as a GM synthesizer for PC via USB-MIDI, I use Arduino Uno with MocoLUFA firmware for ATmega8u2. I flush ATmega8u2 on Uno with MocoLUFA firmware using ISP programmer. Then, I connect Arduino Uno to PC via USB cable. From PC, Arduino Uno is recognized as a MIDI device. Then I connect the serial out of 8u2 (Arduino’s Rx, pin = 1) to  fluxamasynthe’s MIDI-in with a short jumper cable.

fluxamasynth in action

fluxamasynth in action

In this configuration, no program is required for ATmega328.

I use Logic Express on my iMac to control GM synthesizer with fluxamasynthe’s. It worked perfect.


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vusbtiny for pepper

Sunday January 8th, 2012 morecat_lab Comments off

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