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Sunday August 12th, 2012 morecat_lab


IAs a variant of Monaka project, I designed a MIDI-input device named ‘airGuitar.’

As the name implies, it is a guitar like device; Tactile switches are used to choose one of chords, a distance-measuring sensor is used to trigger the virtual string. Note On/off signal of MIDI are generated and send to Personal Computers or iPad via USB-MIDI interface.

No extra driver is required for Windows XP or above, MacOSX, and iPads. I recommend GarageBand on iPad to use with airGuitar.



1. How it works

Tactile switches are used to choose a chord in airGuitar, then the chord is triggered by the movement of virtual string, which is captured by distance sensor. airGuitar generate s sequence of MIDI note to PC via USB-MIDI. As the device is a kind of guitar, it generate a chord, not one note, as default setting.

The schematic of airGuitar is similar to that of ‘Monaka’ project. I made airGuitar simple in order to reduce the number of parts used. In Monaka, the following function is implemented as hardware logic circuit, as Monaka is not designed not just for guitar like device in mind.

(1) For the handling of analog reading of distance sensor, a comparator is used to decide whether trigger is exist or not

(2) To reduce glitch of trigger, an one-shot multi vibrator circuit with a fixed time constant is used.

The functions above is implemented as software within airGuitar firmware. To reduce the number of parts further, the following changes are applied.

(1) RC oscillator inside Tiny861 is used instead of external Cristal oscillator

This technique is also used in Pepper project which make use of Tiny 45/ Tiny85

(2) Reduce the number of switch for chord to simplify the device

As the results, the following schematic is used for airGuitar.

Schematic for ag

Schematic for ag

2. Assemble

It is very easy to assemble airGuitar, as I designed PCB for airGuitar. If you want to design your own PCB, or use Universal PCB, please make sure to assign the tactile switch in order.

The following table shows the bill of materials.

BOM for airGuitar
Nane Specification Number Notes
CPU Tiny861 1 firmware must be programmed
IC socket 20PIN 1
distant measuring sensor GP2Y0A21YK0F 1 need a screw to attach PCB
USB B connector for PCB 1
tactile switch 6mm x 6mm 10
LED red, green 2 any color will do
register 1K ohm,  1/6W 2 must adjust for brightness of LED
register 75 ohm 1/6W 2
register 1.5K ohm  1/6W 1
register 10K ohm  1/6W 1
ceramic capacitor 0.1uF 1
chemical capacitor 100uF / 16V 2
Zener diode 3.6V 2
poly switch 500mA 1 for the protection of USB port
PCB airGuitar 1

When used with PCB, distance measuring sensor should screwed to PCB.

3. How to use

airGuitar works as USB-MIDI device attached to PC or iPad, without extra software drivers. You can play it with your favorite Desk Top Music (DTM) software.

The sensibility of distance measuring sensor  is adjustable via USB-MIDI. I’m planning to make a program to adjust the sensibility.

4. Download the firmware

The source code of firmware is here.

When you want to program Tiny861 by yourself, you can find binary file under the folder named ‘HEX’ in the archive. You also need to re-program fuse bit of Tiny861 to the following values. Consult the manual of your programmer in details.

FUSEH = 0xcd
FUSEL = 0xe1


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