Moco for LUFA


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1. What is Moco for LUA, anyway ?

  This is a native MIDI firmware for atmega8u2 on Arduino Uno.

  You can replace original USB-to-serial firmware with Moco. This driver will bridge between USB-MIDI and serial-MIDI.

  (1) The host will recognize Arduino Uno as USB-MIDI device without any driver on MacOSX and Windows XP.

  (2) You need to write original USB-to-serial firmware back to 8u2 for the reprogramming of main CPU.(atmega328)

NOTE: The original Mico/Moco is a software for USB-MIDI bridge with V-USB.

2. Requirements

(1) gcc 4.X for compile

   I use CrossPack in OSX.

(2) LUFA101122 to compile & link

(3) Arduino UNO

  I recommend to add ICSP connector for atmega 8u2

(4) AVR programmer like USBtinyISP

  DFU Programmer should also work, but not tested.

3. Specifications

(1) Bi-directional USB-MIDI to Serial-MIDI bridge.

(2) baud rate for serial MIDI is 312500Hz (standard)

4. Applications

I use PSG Shield designed by Genie-san and HKHacks-san.

The firmware used for 328 is as follows;

Note: You need Self-powered USB-HUB with iPad, as LUFA reports 500mA for his power requirement.


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